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I made some macarons today. Not terribly well, though they tasted good. They’re not something I eat as often as I admire, I’m very good at making mouth-watering meringue kisses, so the extra effort of Italian meringue seems far too much of a faff. French macarons, however, only take 15mins in the oven, unlike ‘proper’ meringue, so prompted on a dayoff, I thought I’d give it a go (this was kind of a dumb idea, with a squillion things I should have been doing, but still). With, frankly, not a vast amount of success.

All the blog posts and recipes I’ve read online say they’re really tricky and temperamental weren’t wrong. Bizarrely, I think I made two initial and fundamental mistakes: I didn’t pay enough attention to the instructions and I paid too much attention.

So (and I should update this with links later) here’s my tips for macawrongs:

I make meringue. I can make meringue pretty much with my eyes shut. Without recipes. Wy did I pay close attention to recipes and follow their guidance instead of simply making meringue? Dunno. Duh. Well, actually because I was already thinking well I know what texture meringue kisses come out and I have a whole big bowl of stuff to fold into it, maybe it should be a bit of a different texture to cope with that. Flicked through a few other recipes, saw pretty much the same sugar weight, so shrugged and carried on. I think that was a mistake! more…

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I got one of these for Christmas, and thought what a lovely idea (many other great ideas on the same website). Or at least, not one of these specifically, but exactly the same idea – my chocolate brownies raising money for the old people’s Friend to Friend group mum volunteers at, so someone there had obviously seen one somewhere. I like it enough to plan to use it too. The jars always come in handy and it’s one way I can share my special chocolate cake without giving away the recipe!

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Looking back through the old blog-city links, I found this picture on a blog. more…

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