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Some years ago, I confess to have not been at all interested in travelling to the US of A. There were only really 2 things that I wanted to experience – the Grand Canyon, and New Orleans in a SouthernComforty kind of romantic image sort of way. Then I won a teaching excellence fellowship and had some money to spend, and BbWorld was in Phoenix, capable of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, and it seemed rude not to. And once the FBI have more…

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Last night I went on a course run as part of a Fresh Expressions mission training for the North West. I was thinking about the content, the people, the kinds of things that are defined as missional or ‘fresh expressions’ as I got home and was getting ready for bed, while trying to keep an eye on the twitter stream from Vegas. And I found myself thinking how much some of the thinking about mission was similar to good scaffolding of learning in LMS/VLEs. more…

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I remember
the opulence
of the place;
the fountains,
the slots,
the extravagance,
the dull addiction.

This time more…

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Way back in 2004, courtesy of a teaching excellence fellowship, I boarded a plane to Phoenix, Arizona and my first ever attempt at broaching US immigration. It was for BbWorld (though as much for the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon), my first BbWorld after running 3 BbUK conferences and speaking at the first BbEurope.

The hotel we’d booked as ‘just a few blocks away’ wasn’t, at all, and our accents made every taxi driver try to con us. Unimpressed by that, though the hotel (Holiday Inn Midtown) and pool were beautiful and the staff fabulous. It was the year of more…

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quite strange this week, there’s an overlap of my lives. I have a day off, and would really like to be following both General Synod, the governing body of the Church of England, and BbWorld11, the not-quite governing body of the global Blackboard community. One in York, England, one in Las Vegas (of which there is only one).

After a week of the Methodist annual Conference, where there was a live video stream as well as the twitter stream being projected onto a screen behind the speaker, there has been rounded dissatisfaction with Synod only providing an audio stream – and in a proprietary format that I cannot open – and supposedly not being allowed social media by rule of the University (which may be a separate discussion to be had about universities and student engagement in social media, but surely cannot be expected to extend to outside organisations who hire the rooms for conference – that is up to them whether or not to enable 21st century sharing of their deliberations).

These last words bring my old life and my new crashing together more…

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