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It was a question asked of us, some years ago now, as part of the Living Theology course. Phrased more particularly as:

What will you be remembered for at dinner a year after your death?

Easy, I thought at the time. No thinking required, for me, or for anyone who knew me, who might have been asked .

I remember realising soon after I arrived at Westcott that these new people wouldn’t get the right answer, since they’d have no reason to know. And then I met Andy B, we found the lonely coffee machine and the empty room, and founded the cafe, and the rest, as they say… Once, just once, I attempted to do a vague calculation of just how many cakes/cupcakes/charity cupcakes have passed me by. Just once. I really should upload a flickr collection.

What will I be remembered for at dinner a year after my death?


Maddy’s 4th birthday; I was in San Diego so it had to be freezable.
The pink iced cake was plain, the vanilla iced cake was pink.


Because cake =

cake cuphospitality
eating together
caring for people

That is who they say that I am.

And, well, sometimes history repeats itself.

So I’m quite excited for the new Saturday venture in our church hall this weekend.


Slide6It’s a first step. On the way to a couple of things I have in mind. A ‘Bread of Life’ group, and a ‘Cake Believe’ group…
Bring. It. On.


*admittedly, most people would actually say “that chocolate cake”. Which is fine. Can you please bury me somewhere you can put the kladdkaka recipe on my headstone…? Also a bit of a giveaway that at least two children have grown up calling me Cake. That’s fine too. You can put that on my headstone as well, if you like.

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Oh look, quite a gap in posting. These days, that means a lot of work and such near deadlines that procrastination to blog doesn’t get a look in. Oh, wait… (It usually also means there’s a load of firefox tabs waiting to be blogged, which is not totally untrue either, though mind is currently too focussed on finishing to do anything.)

Anyway, I’ve been copying and pasting some stuff from my Theology certificate portfolio to put in the introduction to my pastoral portfolio (obviously I hope I’ve moved on somewhere in 4 years, but I wanted a particular piece) and I have always meant to post some of it. Since it’s on the old laptop I am currently using, here it is:

“How will you be remembered at dinner a year after your death?” At the time, it might have surprised most people, but round here these days I don’t imagine many would get it wrong… more…

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I got one of these for Christmas, and thought what a lovely idea (many other great ideas on the same website). Or at least, not one of these specifically, but exactly the same idea – my chocolate brownies raising money for the old people’s Friend to Friend group mum volunteers at, so someone there had obviously seen one somewhere. I like it enough to plan to use it too. The jars always come in handy and it’s one way I can share my special chocolate cake without giving away the recipe!

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Looking back through the old blog-city links, I found this picture on a blog. more…

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