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Realisation that I’ve lost a pile of readers in moving the blog, not least those who read it for my blonde posts. And not that I’ve not got a whole heap of work to do before I can even contemplate the revision, but I reckon there’s time to shift a load of photographs now I’ve found my camera charger so I can take some more if the sunshine holds out visiting Cambridge’s leper church en route to Cambridge Utd v York with the football club chaplain.

In which case, more…

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It’s that time of year at theological college. At ‘ordinary’ university, people are looking at houses to live in next year, at theological college everyone’s head is turned by a lace frill, fancy piping and gold fringing. Or at least, at some theological colleges. Others’ heads may be more turned by the hoodie with polo-shirt material collared insert, but here at Westcott it’s tat time, and we’re looking longingly at cerise satin linings and no amount of lace and buttons is too much/many. more…

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