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What a joy. I feel phenomenally privileged to have heard +Jack today. It’s kind of given me a glimpse into why people trailed out into the desert to seek out Antony and Pachomius. Each address was barely 20 minutes, but so powerful. This afternoon he spoke of wise words from an old nun who was  also spiritual director to Rowan Williams. Of how she told him that the role of a priest is about three things: more…

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God has 100 names. 99 of them we know, the 100th is only known to camels. But if he only had one name, it would be compassion. +Jack’s second address was about mission. What is God like? more…

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Today is a quiet day. Which is kind of sad, as the leavers who were ‘painting’ last week are back for their final three or four days with us, and today we can’t talk to them. But whatever their emotions have been and are this week as they have begun their separation from us and preparation for ministry, and ours as we breathe with relief at the fullness of chapel after the emptiness of last week (blog post to come) today we come back together more…

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