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A year ago, or a little over, when I arrived at vicar factory, I had no idea if I’d ever be any good at preaching, and it was the thing that, honestly, scared me most. Tonight, on the way to evensong, a new student was telling me how nervous they were of performing in public. I couldn’t resist smiling, thinking that I hoped they were going to stay on after evensong for the Eucharist, where I gave my college sermon, because more…

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What a week. A week ago we were anxiously awaiting the reformation of our community here with the arrival of the new students, hoping that they would bring as much desire to be a part of things as we have. We have not been disappointed.

In and amongst Martin’s evocation of Benedict’s ministry of holding one’s tongue, and the introduction of the elected common room officers and the ‘crown appointments’ (offices chosen by the House); we have also seen and introduced them to more…

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I’m contemplating ideas for our tutor group’s opening prayer together, and looking for images, (thinking laterally from something the wonderful Maggi Dawn said about intercessions in an interview I was listening to over breakfast, and one of the Pocket Prayers for Pilgrims posted by @c_of_e this morning, and since I’m thinking about it, thought I’d share some of the pictures I travelled round on the t’interwebs, while I was thinking.

“God of special places, thin with prayers and epiphanies, meet us today and touch our lives, that we may be reminded in a world of change and anxiety that only your presence is constant, and only love is worthwhile.”

The new year, in a new place or a new school, can have many fears, doubts, expectations, all open to prayer, for ourselves and for others. Which strike you? more…

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Yes, I know it’s Lent. Tell me about it. Essay deadlines loom, and the amount of words to be written isn’t going down as fast as the number of days to write them in is…

Yesterday, despite the number of words to be written, I -finally- went through old blog posts and copied over comments. I guess there should have been a way to import them with an insert query, which would have kept the original dates, but when I looked at the csv file it was stuffed where a link had been included or where there was more than one comment. So in the end it was bite bullet (procrastination) time and I pasted 95% of them in.

It was worth the procrastination – although that does leave me needing to write 4,500 words today -eek- because I actually skimmed every blog post I’ve written in the 6 and some years I’ve been blogging. Which brought me to a number of conclusions: more…

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