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Argh. A month went by. How did that happen?I saw it, flashing past, I even lived some of it. But gosh, that was fast. Mirfield seems aeons ago. No time to reflect on that at all until a session coming up tonight. We tumbled straight back in to the black hole of 12,000 of assessed words to write – so glad that when it came to it I was actually still capable of pulling an all-nighter (guess that’s all the years of adjusting to jetlag going to BbWorlds) and, for the most part, certainly with some of the essays, I couldn’t have done any more than I did with another three months. Well, maybe with three months… more…

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Technically, as far as Cambridge teaching sees it, it’s “vacation”. Some of us are in prison (on social context placements, I hasten to add), some are writing essays (mine have gone to deep freeze, sadly), some are on long placement, some are preparing to appreciate the services and events of Holy Week for the last time as a ‘spectator’, some are walking in pilgrimage with carious legs of Student Cross from around the country to Walsingham, some are smart enough to be having a rest (though not very many are managing to fit this in) and some of us are mad enough to be more…

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This weekend we put a heap of miles in to go and visit the parish of Mirfield, where a group of Westcotians will spend Holy Week. The parish has three churches, quite different, St John’s, St Mary’s and St Paul’s. It was good to be back in Yorkshire with some lovely Yorkshire folk, even if there was more…

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