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One of the really lovely things about two years at Westcott (which may surprise some) was the opportunity to sing more songs as well as hymns – NEH is a treasure trove, but no less in fact is New Hymns & Worship Songs, and I deliberately only picked from the latter last year on purpose. My favourite hymns will have to wait for another post, but since someone asked for a playlist, and since last night I was discussing the rather lovely selection of songs in my new church’s book, Hymns Old and New, with the choir director, here’s a few of my faves, old and new (in no particular order, and most definitely not by the quality of the clip): more…

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There was a lovely article in the Telegraph last week, just after I’d tweeted about the beauty of Choral Evensong. It wasn’t my usual place for evensong, but it was quite nice to hear a different choir in a different chapel. Still beautiful. There is indeed something both timeless and instant about Evensong, distant yet wrap-around-lemsip-chair-like, formal yet personal, transcendant yet immanent. Using the phrase more…

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Seeing the title I picked last night keeps making me hum a tune. Wherever You Are – hopefully the number 1 tune this Christmas. I love Gareth Malone, his care about music and community steal my heart, so I’ve loved the Choir series. Watching the military wives on iplayer at the same time as the documentaries on the soldiers out in Afghanistan just doubled the emotion. It’s a really beautiful song more…

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This is one of my favourites too. Am very glad that Ruth has found a recording of it, and agree with what she says, no point trying to rephrase. It is the week for creation sermons, but frankly, as I said at the end of my Intensives post, we should be thinking about it way more often than we do. It would suit me to sing this every other week.

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I do love these! I love them even more when they’re something that I love to hear. And, frankly, I’ve missed out this Christmas. more…

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