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I never did quite get around to writing a blog for my avatar in secondlife (tho she has an account for this blog, if I organised myself properly, partly because more…

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I fell over this link on the BBC last week. I’m not much of a photographer, but I’m in awe of people who can ‘see’ a great shot. When that’s a black and white image capturing people, it’s  stunning. In Norman Gershman’s holocaust lecture about the Missing Pages project, he said he likes black and white photos of ‘people with age’ more than colour photography, it focuses the mind. You can, I think, see a person’s soul in photos like that.

These photos more…

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…of which I have a few, but they’re the usual sort, and many to figure in posts in draft or needing to be written in the ‘quiet’ of this holiday. But in the meantime, as we prepare to welcome the light of the world into it, the winter light over Holmfirth this week. Wishing you joy, hope, peace and love this Christmastide.

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