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Happy New Year. May it be filled with hope, peace, joy and love. May you be driven to join ++Rowan’s quiet army of volunteers who show the world is built and turns on God’s generosity.

May you also unleash your inner creativity. I’ve meant to muse for a while on the only new tech geekery I fell for in 2012, and while I’m here with coffee, I have a moment or two. So here goes.

My 2012 find of the year, though I didn’t totally realise it at first: Pinterest. Way back, Terese said on twitter she was giving it a go, and I applied for a beta account. She wasn’t sure what she’d do with it, and neither was I. Got let in, had a look, I still wasn’t sure. Eventually, as it grew, I decided it was a bit like Delicious but visual. This appealed to me, since I pretty much stopped using delicious when it looked like it was dead, but never quite got round to exporting my links to something else, and then when it seemed to be given a reprieve, tentatively started bookmarking again, things I saw I thought might be useful after college.

I like delicious, have used it for years. But it then occurred to me more…

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Way back in 2004, courtesy of a teaching excellence fellowship, I boarded a plane to Phoenix, Arizona and my first ever attempt at broaching US immigration. It was for BbWorld (though as much for the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon), my first BbWorld after running 3 BbUK conferences and speaking at the first BbEurope.

The hotel we’d booked as ‘just a few blocks away’ wasn’t, at all, and our accents made every taxi driver try to con us. Unimpressed by that, though the hotel (Holiday Inn Midtown) and pool were beautiful and the staff fabulous. It was the year of more…

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I have a long list of things I want to say, and no time to say them before the next thought tumbles in. But my open tab collection is growing again, so instead of a bit of NT Greek revision in advance of a 9am test tomorrow, I need to clear a few. My attachment ‘church’ for this year is Robinson College, with their Chaplain, Maggi Dawn. Maggi’s blog was one of the first I subscribed to in Bloglines, back when I started blogging in 2005, so I’m pretty excited at the opportunity to be working with her, although still a little disappointed at not getting the extra parish experience. That will no doubt come in Manchester! Anyway, this week’s readings were Naaman and the Lukan 10 lepers, and the sermon was about friendship – real friendship, contextual friendship and things which can draw us together in situations where we look to those things we have in common not in difference. Facebook was mentioned, and I found myself pondering the use of social media.

When I wrote about some of the potentials of social media some time ago, I was surprised how many people weren’t familiar with a lot of new media, and how they had a vague sense that they should be using this stuff in their work/parishes but weren’t totally sure how. This has been underlined here by people I’ve talked to and on the one hand it’s really interesting that there is loads of scope for everyone to learn, there’s also little time to not just learn but also get truly familiar, comfortable enough to use it in mission and ministry. Without revisiting the essay here, here are two things related to church and new media. The first is a simply – such a cute and basic overview of the fundamentals of our faith, in a language understood by today’s youth – let’s leave aside the issues we might have of whether he did it because he was bored etc! Shared, ‘liked’ and laughed at by atheists, those of us with faith can own this too, similarly to the ‘tweeting’ of Jesus in Holy Week this year that was really quite creative. Note to self: I really must check if there is going to be a dvd of the Durham Mystery Plays, because I think some – like ‘Free Will’ should be discussed here. (As a side note, anyone who was in Eamonn Duffy’s ‘Image and Icon in Christian Culture’ lecture this morning will recognise Jesus’ avatar as one of the kitschest of the sacred heart examples he showed!)

The other, one of a number of tabs open because I want to engage at some point with this (nearly went there on Friday in a discussion about intention in consecration to include several corporals located not immediately under the hands of the presiding priest…) when I can make a vague attempt at being slightly more articulate about it than I currently am, is a scratchthesurfaceofsomethingmuchbigger. As with much great stuff on the tinterwebs, it’s often worth waiting before blogging (don’t suppose I can pull off sounding like I meant to leave it this long?!) because then you often get the added richness of a wealth of comments too. Pixellated Communion. I don’t think it’s going away….

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