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I’m not a fan of boxes, regular readers and friends know this. So I also found the challenge of losing the identifiers which Tom responded to quite an interesting thought. So here you go…

Look around –
gathering prayer
light falls,
plays from the window,
flickers, dances
to the movement.

Sense heightens,
expectancy mounts,
hearts open to meeting Love.

Bowed heads,
beaming smiles,
nodded hellos;

children greeted,
visitor welcomed,
gentle guidance given.

Look around –
see the cares
checked at the door,
for later retrieval,
when maybe, just maybe
they’ll weigh a little less.

some cares – people –
not checked,
brought, on hearts,
on prayer cards,
in thoughts and hopes and prayers
offered up to God
in worship,
with selves.

Look around –
focus shifts

from many
to one;
one body,
because we all share…

Look around –

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One of the really lovely things about two years at Westcott (which may surprise some) was the opportunity to sing more songs as well as hymns – NEH is a treasure trove, but no less in fact is New Hymns & Worship Songs, and I deliberately only picked from the latter last year on purpose. My favourite hymns will have to wait for another post, but since someone asked for a playlist, and since last night I was discussing the rather lovely selection of songs in my new church’s book, Hymns Old and New, with the choir director, here’s a few of my faves, old and new (in no particular order, and most definitely not by the quality of the clip): more…

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There was a lovely article in the Telegraph last week, just after I’d tweeted about the beauty of Choral Evensong. It wasn’t my usual place for evensong, but it was quite nice to hear a different choir in a different chapel. Still beautiful. There is indeed something both timeless and instant about Evensong, distant yet wrap-around-lemsip-chair-like, formal yet personal, transcendant yet immanent. Using the phrase more…

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There’s a lot of talk of stereotypes around here, and while stereotypes do come from somewhere, no smoke without fire and all that (unless, of course, it’s holy smoke), for the most part, a lot of us can tease each other in the knowledge that we have a healthy disregard for them.

But even internally, we have a range of views, and they sometimes sit uneasily. But tonight was a glorious example of more…

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